From The Globe and Mail Tomato, Honey and Pinenuts Tartlets Credit to Alamy

This article, You say tomato, I say dessert from The Globe and Mail, got me really interested. Tomatoes in something sweet?! Isn’t that unthinkable? Well, I guess if one isn’t used to thinking out of the box.

Tomatoes are technically fruits, just like most of what we call vegetables, except if they are leafy. I suppose we have been conditioned to call plants we usually eat in savoury dishes as vegetables and fruits are sweet or cooked in desserts.

In any case, I was mildly amused at how the author starts the article and implies that people think of tomatoes as one of the “ingredients that sound ghastly in dessert”. It is perhaps a common perception.

Not in my house, though! For as long as I can remember, my Mom has made use of surplus summer tomatoes by making tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce and yes, tomato jam! Long after the summer months, in fact, all throughout the year, our refrigerator would have jars of tomato jam. Mom would use it like jelly on toast while I take an occasional spoonful for dessert. Its taste does not go far from strawberry jam.

I am not sure if making sweet tomato preserves is common in Pampanga. But I know someone who cooks them into candied squares.

Now, let us see if this tomato as dessert concept will catch on. Personally, I would like to see more sweet recipes.

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