Pretty soon it will be obvious that I have become very fond of our edible ferns. They have been quite easy to grow and we get to pick their tips (what we eat) almost everyday.

There is a standard pacu salad served in restaurants and this is not it. I will post it sometime in the future. This one is a variation that I made up, remembering how my grandmother would add sua (Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis, suha in Tagalog, pomelo or pummelo in English) in our vegetable salads, when the fruit was in season.

For this salad, I sliced a cucumber very thinly, the tomatoes also in thin wedges, the pummelo peeled and bits scattered, all tossed with the ferns. Since this combination wasn’t as flavourful as the last one I posted, I compensated with the dressing. A combination of extra virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar and wild honey, equal parts was used. Rock salt was lightly sprinkled on the salad just before eating.

Fresh and light!

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