It has been ages since I started craving for pancakes. Any type – buttermilk, banana, oatmeal, or whatever I might come up with. For some reason, I never found time to make any.

A few days ago, my neighbour gave me a bag of sweet potatoes (camote). They were small, very sticky when cooked and quite sweet. I thought I’d make pancakes!

I also had a few carrots that needed to be used quickly. They had been sitting in the refrigerator too long, because I was vacillating between a carrot cake and a meatless pasta sauce, and failed with both. Well then, sweet potato pancakes with carrots? Might it turn out well?

So, to the grater both went, together with a small radish. A bit of salt, lots of toasted sesame seeds, two tablespoons of arrowroot flour to keep it together and a little water just to keep it smooth. I realised my recipe was not going to turn out pancakes.

I lightly greased my cast iron pan (not much oil needed) and pan-fried the patties. Dipped in sweet chili sauce, they tasted more like exotic ocwi (ukoy) than pancakes but these vegetable fritters are something I will make again. I would even be proud to serve them to visitors.

Try them!

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