Indigenising shawarma?!

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Just like how I only watch the news on TV which does not help in updating me with pop culture, I am almost the same with food trends, a bit adventurous but I do not really feel the necessity to always catch up with what’s ‘in’. Perhaps it is ingrained because the way we were brought up, if we wanted to eat something, we would cook it at home, even if it was more convenient to just buy it from the corner store.

In any case, I was a bit intrigued with the sign at one of the local food courts the other day. ‘Shawarma rice’ had me conjuring visions of meat wrapped in a pitta bread with rice pilaf on the side. Or given a Filipino twist, would the rice be integrated into the meat and stuffed into the pitta bread? Then it would resemble a Tex-Mex burrito, albeit with a different flavour palate.

It was none of that.

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Seminar review by Jenn of Manila Talks

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Our food and culture seminar last Saturday exceeded my expectations. We were quite a small number but the interaction that led to the discussion’s excellent quality proved that strength does not lie in numbers (apologies to Rodgers & Hammerstein).

I am still overwhelmed at the participants’ responses. For one, I feel so affirmed to know that the fruits of my years of research have found a practical application and that it somehow rationalises many things about Filipino cuisine.

I intend to write a recap or several short summary posts but I will have to distill the takeaway lessons from the seminar first. However, Jenn of Manila Walks (sorry, not in photo) thoughtfully wrote a review and I’m touched that she said she wants to be an advocate of Filipino food.

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