Lasang Pinoy, which could mean it ‘tastes of something Filipino’ or short for ‘the Filipino taste’ is a monthly food blogging event to promote Filipino food. To ‘promote’ means to make it better known outside our circles but more importantly, to have it better understood amongst Filipinos themselves. The blogging event is a product of e-mail brainstorming sessions of several Filipino food bloggers who thought it was time for a Filipino event in the tradition of Is My Blog Burning. This small group has now expanded into around 40 individuals with blogs dedicated to food. Since it is very inclusive, participants need not have blogs as entries can be hosted somewhere.

The blogger-organisers of Lasang Pinoy and participants strive to make the events reflective of Filipino culture by evoking childhood memories, expounding on Philippine holidays and associated practices.

On 21 August 2005, Lasang Pinoy (LP) was launched to coincide with Ninoy Aquino Day. Below is the list of previous event announcements, round-up and hosts.

Note: Volunteers to host Lasang Pinoy are very much welcome. Please leave a comment below or e-mail me if you’re interested. Make sure not to publicly disclose your suggested theme.

For detailed monthly updates, visit the Lasang Pinoy website (.com and .net will redirect you there as well).

LP XVI: Nov.-Dec. – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Joji – Ala eh!
LP XV: Oct. – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Mike – Lafang
LP XIV: Sept. – guidelines & round-up – hosted by PurpleGirl – PurpleGirl’s Kitchen
LP XIII: August – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Stef – Noodles and Rice
LP XII: July – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Ces – essenCes
LP XI: June – guidelines & round-up – hosted by JMom – In Our Kitchen
LP X: May – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Chef Cocinero – Buhay Cocinero
LP IX: April – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Cia – Pabulum
LP VIII: March – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Iska – Edible Experiments
LP VII: Feb. – guidelines & round-up – hosted by ChichaJo – 80 Breakfasts
LP VI: Jan. – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Ting – World Class Cuiscene

LP V: Dec. – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Mike – lafang
LP 4.5: Special Edition – No Plagiarism – hosted by Stef
LP IV: Nov. – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Minnette – Lafang List
LP III: Oct. – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Kai – Bucaio
LP II: Sept. – guidelines & round-up – hosted by Celia Kusinera – English Patis
LP I: August – guidelines & round-up – co-hosted by Karen and Stefoodie.

Other Filipino food bloggers are also very generously contributing to improve Lasang Pinoy. Louie has generously volunteered to host our mailing list. Other bloggers have done much promoting.

Check out the icons below:

Lasang Pinoy XVI: Pinoy Holiday Food Gifts Lasang Pinoy 16: Pinoy Christmas Food Gifts

Lasang Pinoy 15: Recycled, Reloaded Lasang Pinoy XV: Recycled, Reloaded Lasang Pinoy XIV: La Espanyola

Lasang Pinoy Anniversary: Definitive Pinoy! lp12button2.jpg
By Ces and husband Marco

LP XI: Summertime Coolers and Memories of Summer LP XI: Summertime Coolers and Memories of Summer
lp10sidebar.JPG LP X: Food Memories from Childhood

Lasang Pinoy X: Food Memories from Childhood lp10a.jpg

LP IX: Lamang-Loob Lasang Pinoy VIII: Kusinang Bulilit, Lutong Paslit Cooking with Children
By Cia
Lasang Pinoy VII: Pinoy Almusal Breakfast Pulutan edition

Lasang Pinoy 4.5: Special Edition - No Plagiarism

Lasang Pinoy 4 - Soul FoodLasang Pinoy 4

Lasang Pinoy 4 - Soul Food Lasang Pinoy 4

The above were customised for Lasang Pinoy 4 by Mike and Iska.

Lasang Pinoy Lasang Pinoy

Lasang Pinoy Lasang Pinoy

The icons above are by Dexie over at Ilocana Chef.

The ones below were made by Mike of La. Fang. Resize as necessary.

Lasang Pinoy

Lasang Pinoy Lasang Pinoy


Lasang Pinoy Lasang Pinoy

Lasang Pinoy