This is an offshoot of my main blog, the Passionate Pilgrim, and created out of recipe requests. Long before I started blogging, friends abroad, primarily Catsudon, would ask about certain recipes and cooking techniques. We would hold cooking tutorials on chat. Some of my friends would also e-mail their recipe requests and ask for suggested substitutes for traditional Filipino ingredients.

With a blog and newfound online friends asking for recipes, I figured it would be better to just post them on my main blog so as not to hold repetitive tutorials and e-mails. But then, I had trouble with ingredient proportions since I never measure, unless I’m baking. I didn’t know how to start explaining my methods (how does one quantify ‘looks right’, ‘smells salty’ and ‘feels proper’ anyway?) which forced me to give out approximations with the disclaimer that the cook can adjust the taste according to his/her preference.

So was born the Sensual Cook, a compilation of recipes I posted. At its launching, Minnette, a college batchmate and another food blogger mentioned Nigella Lawson being the original sensual cook. I didn’t bother changing the food blog’s title as I thought only a handful of friends browsed through it now and then. But thanks to search engines and blog statistics, plus comments on the recipes, we found out that my recipe entries had the most number of visitors from friends and strangers alike. Benette, my housemate, even joked that for all the things that I write and do, I will only be known for my siomai recipe, as it got the most hits and referrals, among all entries, from search engines. With a public debut, I thought I owe it to Nigella Lawson to change my blog’s title to the Pilgrim’s Pots and Pans (courtesy of Catsudon, the genie of my blogs).

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